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Apple today announced that it will host a special event during the annual National Association of Broadcasters trade show on April 15. However, there has been no news of there will be anything introduced or announce. This means, let the fresh new round of rumors begin! At least, for the first time in years, the rumors won’t be about the speculation of an iPhone.


These days, all it takes is one simple podcast to stir the entire tech community – on the Mac side anyway. Do you think Microsoft generates this kind of buzz from their even most loyal of users about a potential product? No way; sure, we’re all wondering how Windows Vista will turn out on January 30th, but other than that, no one company can captivate its loyal ‘fanbase’ quite like Apple can. Think about it, when’s the last time you heard Windows users scurry into an online frenzy when Microsoft files for a patent? That’s what I thought.

I have to say, this whole idea of an iPhone is sweet, even more so is the idea that Apple rumor mills are second to none than with any other tech corporation. Although, I have to say, IF there is an iPhone, I don’t see it releasing until the second week of January at the Macworld Expo. If this puppy ends up releasing to any and all carriers, you can bet I’ll be saving for one.  So, thanks to Kevin Ross (founder of Digg and host of Diggnation), let the iPhone rumors run wild for one last month.

Tonight, like most nights, I found myself surfing the web and checking email rather late – later than I should, anyway. So, I stumble upon an email announcement from Microsoft informing consumers that starting now, you can purchase a “Vista Compatible PC” today and you may be eligible for what they are calling an Express Upgrade to Windows Vista. First off, my thought is “Express? Right … ” After laughing at the thought of Microsoft doing anything in an Express fashion, I took a look at the list of Vendors participating in this program – including the likes of Levono, HP, and Sony. One participator on the list included Dell – no surprise there – so I went to their “Vista Upgrade Site” to check out a few of the compatible machines that they are offering as apart of this program. After surfing for a moment, trying to find more details on how Dell is going about it, I notice they offer a link to What is even more stunning to me is the information that appears when the page displays which states that you will then be able to redeem your ‘voucher’ or whatnot after November 13, 2006. I am baffled here because all of the other manufacturer’s state that Vista will not be redeemable until Vista’s release, projected in early 2007. That date makes more sense because that is when it has been slated for a while. Now, my next thought was that maybe this November date posted by Dell is for the Enterprise edition for businesses, and this could be true. However, Other sources read that Enterprise editions will only be available via volume licensing, so why would Dell go public to the average consumer and post such a date for a business product without at least being more specific? Could this be a fast one that Windows attempted to pull on us but Dell has let out of the bag? Personally, I have my doubts and I believe that there is either a mix up or this ‘release date’ is for the Enterprise edition. What’s your take on it? In case this is a mixup or a ‘spilling of the beans’, and Dell clears off the information by the time you go to the link above, here is a link of a screenshot I took.