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Following up on media coverage of Apple much anticipated device, Walt Mossberg and the Wall Street Journal has released his review of the iPhone. Mossberg called the keyboard a ‘nonissue’ though he did admit it took him about 5 days to really become fluent with typing on it. Furthermore, he did note several flaws of the device such as AT&T’s exclusive deal with Apple and its slow EDGE network. All in all, Mossberg says that the iPhone sets a new bar for smartphones to date.

You can read his article here, or view his video review here


I am a huge fan of David Pogue, a technology journalist for the New York Times. So, like many wanting insight, it was great to see David Pogue’s take on the iPhone. David Pogue seems to feel that while there are mis-steps, the many good things about iPhone overshadow the bad.

You can read the rest of his article here.

I believe that to do something well, you must first love what it is that you’re doing. Secondly, and perhaps even more important, you also must be informed and knowledgeable on what you are doing to do it effectively. Working with these two cocepts as I recently sorted through my blog post, I began to realize that there’s a definite trend to the last several posts on this blog — they are all Mac and/or Apple related. I also realized that being a college student doesn’t allow me to do actual technology reviews of hardware products like I would like to do for this blog. Those things, along with my recent full-time switch from Windows to the Mac, is what has lead me to change the content of this blog to Apple content only. Since most of my content has been Mac related, you – the reader – will not notice much difference. However, I plan to really focus solely on the Mac and Apple related content from hardware/software announcements to third party software reviews. So stay tuned and enjoy a future of Apple craziness that I love to write about.

As Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference was kicked off by Apple CEO Steve Job’s keynote presentation, Apple’s stock fell. During and shortly after the keynote address, Apple’s stock price slid over $4 per share. The slide is believed to be caused by the lack of enthusiasm by Mac developers and the ill-received news that iPhone would be able to have 3rd party apps developed for it, but only via Web 2.0 in Safari, iPhone’s web browser. This wasn’t exactly what the developers were looking for and the market vigorously responded.

Part of the slide could also be due to high expectations by traders and market analyst about today’s keynote. The fact is that market analyst like to think that each time Steve Jobs walks on stage, something revolutionary is going to end up announced, unveiled or talked about. However, those who follow technology close expected more than what the keynote offered, a recap of features slated to appear in Leopard, which ships later this year.

I am right on the heals of hearing Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, wrap up this years WWDC keynote. I have to say that while the keynote didn’t introduce any big-ticket items that some Mac fans were looking for, I think it was what everyone realistically thought would happen. The biggest and most pleasant surprise came right out of the gate when EA Games announced that it will be bringing some of its most popular titles to the Mac, including EA Sports favorites starting in August. Steve continued on into Leopard, and like last year, showed 10 new features coming in the new version of OS X. He unveiled the sleek new desktop and finder, which all appear to be big gains; but, both are more or less eye candy. A new previewing feature called Quick look was introduced and that also looks very nice. Beyond that, nothing ‘new’ was really shown about Leopard. Steve Jobs re-outlined the features shown at last year’s WWDC.

Once the 10 features were covered, Jobs announced that Apple’s Safari has grown to nearly 5% of the browser market share. Furthermore, Apple plans to port Safari fully over to Windows XP/Vista. This should be very interesting and Steve announced that a beta of Safari 3 for Windows and OS X Tiger will be available today via

Finally, ‘one more thing …’

Apple announced that it will open developers to the iPhone via Safari. Meaning that developers will be able to develop applications for iPhone using the latest in web standards within iPhone’s Safari browser. This news proved to be unpleasing to most developers, who wanted all out control to develop more client style apps for Apple’s much anticipated phone.

I will post more on this soon as possible but so far, this keynote is exactly what many expected. Sure, the games and Safari news was a surprised, but both are definite positives for Apple. While developers appear to be unpleased, I think it is not a decision that Apple wanted to make but had to because of AT&T. Much like Apple is puppeted with iTunes and DRM. Steve Jobs is all about healthy partnerships and he knows that forcing too much can hurt those partnerships. Apple also realizes that web development is a hot thing right now and is really where things are headed. So, this development move does not surprise or even upset me.

Today, Apple released an update to it’s popular media management application, iTunes and added it’s much anticipated DRM-free music service to the mix. Apple is calling it iTunes Plus, where you can now buy DRM-free, higher quality music for $1.29 per song. Of course, the price has gone up, but the quality is substantially better and it’s DRM-free; you better believe it’s worth the extra 30 cents. Along with iTunes 7.2 and iTunes Plus, Apple also added iTunes U to the iTunes Store, allowing users to download free podcasts and lectures from participating Colleges and Universities. iTunes U has been around for some time, but this is the first it has been utilized as an option in the iTunes Store.

With the recent popularity in smartphones, Palm today launched a new product, Foleo. Foleo will be a mobile companion for your smartphone, even if you do not own a Palm Treo. It’s laptop-like design allows consumers to connect to their smartphons and surf the web, email and even view Word Documents and Powerpoint presentations. Palm sees this as a springboard to use your smartphone more efficiently and on a larger screen while on the go. The website doesn’t give any specs for the weight but I have to say, it looks very sleek. It looks just like a very small and sleek laptop, but it drives all the information and processing from your smartphone using Bluetooth. What’s even better, since it is not a full computer, you don’t even have to boot the unit. Palm touts a ‘Instant On’ button and it is to do just that; press the button, you’re ready to go, press it again, you’re done. Furthermore, there is an auto-sync button that allows you to instantly sync your mail from your phone. The unit will also feature a full keyboard and a 10 inch screen. Sounds pretty cool, I would love to get my hands on one when it comes out … I guess that means I would need to get a smartphone first!

Palm announced that Foleo will be released in mid-summer and will sell for $499.

Last week, Facebook announced they would release their API to the tech world. Allowing developers to create third-party applications that not only interract between user’s profiles and other online services, but also user’s profiles and desktop enviornments. I have just begun to dig into this and it looks very very nice from a technical standpoint. What does this mean for users and even businesses? It means that Facebook is now opening its doors to allow businesses and organizations to touch a wider audience in a more affective way. Other possibilities include instant market research and deeper methods of promoting a product through social networking.

For other geeks, like myself, it allows us to become creative and connect different social networking services like never before. Hopefully before this is all over, I too will have an empowering application on Facebook.

I found an interesting link while reading through my daily blog feeds. If you’ve ever wanted to start a business or website but halted your quest to conquer the online world after becoming immensely confused when reading web hosting plan descriptions. This link gives simple easy-to-read answer to all of the real-world questions to website hosting.


Today, the body of James Kim, was found dead after a two week manhunt for he and his family. On Monday, Kim’s wife and two children were found alive and doing well. James was said to have left days before to search for help. James Kim was a resident of San Fransisco and was returning from a Thanksgiving trip before stopping just south of Portland in a rual area.

James Kim was a digital audio review editor for, conducting video and written reviews for digital audio components. He previously was knwon working a show named “Fresh Gear” on the former cable television network, TechTV that has since been aquired and taken over by G4.

From those who knew him best to those like myself who avidly remember his informative reviews on both “Fresh Gear” and for, his knowledge and passion for technology and how it affects our world. In fact, just days ago I just watched a recent review on newly released Microsoft’s Zune. For all who knew him in the technology community, he will surely be missed. My sincere thoughts and prayers reach out to the wife, children, and family of James Kim.