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To all of my readers, I am so sorry that i have not posted anything new — especially on the heels of Apple’s WWDC 2006 which is taking place now. There is a lot I have to write about with that and other subjects. I have been down with a pretty severe ear ache and will be catching up on the latest in tech help, news and opinion in the coming days. Thank you.


I dropped a quick to one of my all time favorite technology journalist/personalities, Leo Laporte today to get his ‘blessing’ on pursuing the purchase and running of a website entitled However, shortly after he responded with his best wishes in my venture, I went to purchase it only to realize it is already taken! So, maybe the guy who owns it will not want to fool with it and let it expire. In the mean time, maybe I can get better names. Something a little more creative maybe? I am also pondering the move to typepad so that I can have a bit more control over the look and feel of this site.