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I decided now would be a good time to slide in one more post before the much anticipated iPhone. Since I won’t be getting one for some time, I promise, no more iPhone post for a while, haha. But, I wanted to add in my bit of opinion of what iPhone could end up being and if it even will be successful.

Apple has been through all of this before. A big product, amazing innovations, and a result of altering the industry. However, this third go around is a bit different. Apple has put a lot of energy and money this time in publicizing the iPhone and its amazing features.  Never has a consumer product received so much hype and talk a whole 6 months or so before it is even launched. It is obvious that Apple views this as an extremely major product release that isn’t just going to be another great phone but change the industry.Seeing the advanced technologies that go into iPhone, and how well they seem to work together and create a truly unique user experience, I believe the phone will have a tremendous impact on the mobile market. The phone could very well be a dud with consumers because of the price, service carrier and a number so potential ‘annoyances’ that come with a ‘1.0’ version of any product. I doubt it will flop – Apple mania is just too big – but even if it is a flop, the technologies under the hood will be a game changer. The accelerometer, touch screen, customized keyboard, and the ‘pinch’ will completely change how consumers look at and react with their mobile devices. Have we seen these technologies before? Of course, geeks have seen all of these technologies in concept products for a while now. However, once again, Apple is implementing all the right technologies at the right time. For Apple, it is about taking leading edge technologies, making it solid and usable for the common person, and implementing it in a way like no other.

Finally, all I will say is to mark your calendars because June 29th, 2007 will be a day that consumer electronics and technology history remembers for a long time to come. Whether iPhone is a success or failure. 


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