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Monthly Archives: March 2007

It seems that there is now a new social networking site on the internet scene. First there was Friendster, then Myspace, and Facebook. Now, a service called Virb comes along. Here is a link to my virb page. So far, my page is pretty basic but I love it because it is so much easier to customize. No more searching Google, for goofy looking myspace themes.  I have been looking at other Virb pages and some of them look very slick. It is a gorgeously laid out website and I really hope this catches on. I will expand more in the future with my experiences. Until then, check out and see what the buzz is about.


coverflow_hero_mac20060912.jpgA few days ago, Apple released an update to it’s iTunes and Quicktime programs. Most of these updates were pretty subtle and likely included many plugs for DRM cracks, there was at least one significant visual improvement. This improvement is the ability to have a full-screen version of iTunes’s ‘Cover Flow’ feature. Cover Flow was introduced in iTunes 7, which is the most recent major release. This feature allows users to ‘flow’ through their music library through a nice Album view interface. You can actually flip through your CD Album art as if you are looking through your real-world CDs.

I don’t know if people remember but during Steve Job’s keynote in Janurary where he introduced iPhone, but it had appeared that Apple was expanding Cover Flow’s features. During the demonstration of playing music on iPhone, Jobs showed how you can use Cover Flow on iPhone to flow through your music. In the presentation, he was able to double-tap the album he wants, and the Album art flips over and the list of songs in that album were listed and there he was able to change his song on the fly. If you can’t recall this or if my description is baffling, go check out the keynote and pay attention to the point in the presentation where Steve is showing off the iPod features of iPhone.

My end point in bring up this feature in iPhone is that the update to iTunes is seriously lacking. If Apple was going to made Cover Flow able to go full screen, they should allow you to be able to click on the album and it flip the album art over and show you which songs in that album you have. If anyone at Apple is reading, please add this to the next update.

I’ve discovered something rather sweet. Okay, so I am a bit behind the times since Tumblr has been out for a little while now. I just recently got an account and have found a sweet use for it. I am putting up a few quotes, but mainly my photos. I love photography and people say I take pretty good photos, so some are now up there. Tumblr is so awesome, and simple; I suggest it for the person who doesn’t want to do much more than just ‘throw stuff’ up in posts! Alright, here’s the link, feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed for more photos in the future!

I found an interesting link while reading through my daily blog feeds. If you’ve ever wanted to start a business or website but halted your quest to conquer the online world after becoming immensely confused when reading web hosting plan descriptions. This link gives simple easy-to-read answer to all of the real-world questions to website hosting.


Since early January, much has been made of Apple’s up and coming iPhone. iPhone is slated to be an all-in-one iPod, phone and an internet communications device. There was much debate and even a potential lawsuit between Apple and Cisco that has since been peacefully resolved. You can find much on the web about features in detail by just Googling the word iPhone. But, what does the future existance of iPhone really mean? iPhone, simply put means innovation — not just for Apple, but for the entire industry.

As we have already seen, many corporations have already announced new phones that attempt to emulate some of iPhones’ features. An online business has since boomed from the mere technology that you visually sort through your voice messages as you do your email — a feature coming directly on the iPhone. The most important about all of this is now Apple has upped the dial on what can and should be done on a consumer cell phone. What does this mean? A revolution of new products and services to come via other cell phones and cell phone carriers like Sprint and Verizon. There is already rumors and patents that are making people believe that Microsoft is poised to release a multimedia phone/internet communicator of their own.

The playing field has just been raised to a new level just when many cell phone manufacturers felt they were finally making ‘smartphones’ smart enough. Thanks to Apple and the revolutions in iPhone, all phones made later and after this year will slowly become ‘smarter’ too.

Apple today announced that it will host a special event during the annual National Association of Broadcasters trade show on April 15. However, there has been no news of there will be anything introduced or announce. This means, let the fresh new round of rumors begin! At least, for the first time in years, the rumors won’t be about the speculation of an iPhone.