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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Some of you actually reading this may be the few die hard geeks who managed to slip away from the family gatherings and gift opening. Others may be sitting in front of that new Dell or iMac (although I can think of a few better, cooler, things to do with a new Mac or PC than read my blog.) I want to sincerely wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas!


Today, the body of James Kim, was found dead after a two week manhunt for he and his family. On Monday, Kim’s wife and two children were found alive and doing well. James was said to have left days before to search for help. James Kim was a resident of San Fransisco and was returning from a Thanksgiving trip before stopping just south of Portland in a rual area.

James Kim was a digital audio review editor for, conducting video and written reviews for digital audio components. He previously was knwon working a show named “Fresh Gear” on the former cable television network, TechTV that has since been aquired and taken over by G4.

From those who knew him best to those like myself who avidly remember his informative reviews on both “Fresh Gear” and for, his knowledge and passion for technology and how it affects our world. In fact, just days ago I just watched a recent review on newly released Microsoft’s Zune. For all who knew him in the technology community, he will surely be missed. My sincere thoughts and prayers reach out to the wife, children, and family of James Kim.

These days, all it takes is one simple podcast to stir the entire tech community – on the Mac side anyway. Do you think Microsoft generates this kind of buzz from their even most loyal of users about a potential product? No way; sure, we’re all wondering how Windows Vista will turn out on January 30th, but other than that, no one company can captivate its loyal ‘fanbase’ quite like Apple can. Think about it, when’s the last time you heard Windows users scurry into an online frenzy when Microsoft files for a patent? That’s what I thought.

I have to say, this whole idea of an iPhone is sweet, even more so is the idea that Apple rumor mills are second to none than with any other tech corporation. Although, I have to say, IF there is an iPhone, I don’t see it releasing until the second week of January at the Macworld Expo. If this puppy ends up releasing to any and all carriers, you can bet I’ll be saving for one.  So, thanks to Kevin Ross (founder of Digg and host of Diggnation), let the iPhone rumors run wild for one last month.