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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Microsoft has today announced the release of a video download service via Xbox Live on the recently released Xbox 360 console. Beginning November 22, users will be able to purchase and download video content onto to their Xbox 360, to then play them on their tv. Microsoft has been pushing its Media Center PC conept with the Xbox 360 since many users find it too difficult to tranfer content from a PC to a tv. The service is said to be a bit similar to Apple’s iTunes video service – with similar pricing. One catch on movies though, (oh, you just knew this was coming, didn’t ya?) you don’t exactly own your videos – it is a rental service for movies rather than purchasing. On the up side for Microsoft, they are providing HD content for some shows and movies, so with no PC in the middle, this direct download to tv concept may begin to sound appealing for Xbox 360 users, as well as anyone in the market for a gaming system.


Today, Microsoft officially took the wraps off the official website to their up and coming Zune Media Player. The site features photo and video advertisements of the Zune, as well as links to accessories that will be available for the Zune. Microsoft also announced that upon the arrival of the Zune Media Player and Marketplace, the MSN Music store will cease selling music and all “buy” buttons on the MSN Music store will become links to the Zune Store and to Real’s Raphsody Music Service.

Once the Zune and it’s marketplace is unveiled, consumers will be given the option to purchase music per song or a monthly subscription service. Microsoft’s new Zune will be featured in White, Black or Brown colors, in sizes of 30 and 60 GBs of data capacity, and sell for around $249. Microsoft’s Zune Media Player and Marketplace is slated to make its debut on November 14.