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I just want to tell of a neat story. A good friend of mine called me last night to ask for some help with her brand new iPod Nano that she received for her birthday. I stepped her through the basics of getting it set up with iTunes and the music store. Although she ran into a few glitches with her computer along the way, I was able to help her get it going. I stepped her through adding music to the iPod and she was amazed of how easy it is to work with the iPod. She later became excited when she discovered solitare and the few other games that come included with the iPod.

By the end of the night (or shall I say morning, haha), she was able to import music from CD’s, buy music from the music store and add music to the iPod. it was great to see her so happy with it. As long as the iPod keeps this level of simplicity and ease of use, I will recommend one for just about anyone. It certainly makes for a great birthday gift. This was so awesome for me to be able to help her out with this – especially during those moments where she became really excited when she learned something new and cool about her new iPod. I love technology and being able to help people with it. She’s a wonderful and sweet gal, and she definitely deserves it. Now, if I can just talk my parents into a sleek gadget like that for my next birthday.


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