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promonikeipod20060523.gifIn a team effort by giants of the sportswear and personal computer industries, Nike and Apple debuted their Nike+iPod sports kit. Nike released a press releasing stating that NIKETOWN stores in New York, Chicago, and Los Angels would host launch events for the new product. The Nike+iPod will be for use with iPod Nanos and Nike+iPod compatible shoes also being released today by Nike. This Kit, on sale in NIKETOWN and Apple Stores beginning today for $30, will include just the shoe sensor and the iPod wireless receiver.

The kit is a two-peice wireless collaboration gadget that allows the sensor, located discretely in the sole of the shoe, to communicate wirelessly with the iPod Nano via the wireless receptor. When connected, the iPod will display distance ran, and calories burned, while still playing your favorite tunes. One of the most impressive features include a voice readout of your current running stats at the touch of a button. Furthermore, if you are beginning to get tired and want a confidence booster, press a button and the iPod will begin playing an upbeat motivation song to help keep you going. After your run, you can log onto the Nike+iPod website where you can create a free account, upload your day’s running stats, as well as setting goals for yourself.

While it may not replace the treadmill any time soon. It is expected to be a hit with everyday runners who are fans of Nike shoes. However, the slight downside is that consumers are required to have both an iPod Nano and Nike+ compatible shoes.

I think this product will be a big seller since many everyday runners will like the idea of not having to be tied to a treadmill. I do some exercise in walking/jogging, so it is something I would definitely consider – if only I had an iPod Nano.


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